The Hostel is closed for the season!!

Hi Everyone

Here is a season recap from Trae, who was running and managing my hostel, along with his wife Kassie, this summer:


The 2016 hostel season has come to an end and what a wonderful season it was! I am so grateful for the guests we had from all over the world. It was a true honor to host so many fantastic world travelers.

The season started out with Sven recovering from major shoulder surgery. With a little luck, we had some good people around to help get the hostel open. It didn’t take long to get the doors open and the business up and running. It also didn’t take long for Sven to bounce back and start his visits to the hostel. Guest always love when Sven is around!    

My wife, Kassie, and I came to Fairbanks from Eagle River to live at and run Sven’s hostel for the 2016 season. Sven has built a solid reputation here in Fairbanks. The hostel here is an established and proven business model. For us, tt was like walking into a turnkey operation. Sven’s Hostel is one of the best run hostels in the state and our guests remark on how special this place is!  

Running the hostel was the right decision for us. We lucked out and had the help of two excellent volunteers,  Nora from Austria and Marc from Switzerland were a tremendous value added to the team. Everyone helped with daily chores and regular hostel business.  Kassie and Nora ran a small bakery in the main office. Marc helped with landscaping and beautification of the hostel property. Having the right people on your team makes all the difference when you are running a small business. There is no way I could list them all, but here are just a few of our favorite memories

  • - Hosting groups like Kantishna Roadhouse, Widji, Texas A&M Geologist and Fresh Tracks
  • - Hosting adventure riders from all over. We hosted the world record holders for the longest motorcycle journey by a team
  • - Our blowout 4th of July party in conjunction with Billie’s Backpacker Hostel
  • - Late night dinners with guests on the front porch while we enjoyed the midnight sun
  • - Late night bonfires and northern lights at the end of the seaso

I learned so many lessons managing Sven’s Hostel this year. I learned about running a hospitality business in Alaska, customer service, team management, and so much more.  

One big takeaway for me is that people from all over the world are generally good. After this Summer, Kassie and I could travel the world and never lack for places to stay or at least someone to share a meal with.

We are tremendously grateful for our experience here and we want to thank all our amazing guests and Sven for making this dream a reality!

Here’s to a wonderful winter and an even better hostel season next year!


Sven, Trae and Kassie are looking forward to meet you here on Davis Road this summer

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