Winter update from the Hostel

The hostel is in its deep sleep around this time of the year. The cabins all have a big layer of the white stuff on top of it, the campground looks somewhat desolate and the laughter, chatter and commotion that usually fills the premises during the warm summer months has definitely left the property but will be back in full force come May and June. We are gearing up for our busiest summer yet, how do I know? I have never had this many bookings for cabins, tree houses and tent sites like this winter. That’s always a big indicator on how the season will pan out.

We will again offer our newest addition to my property which was a big hit last summer: Our tree house. Ever wanted to stay high up in the trees and sleep amongst the birds? This is your chance. For 100.—the tree house is yours. It fits 2 people but offers enough room for a family with 2 kids. We also offer a brand new and huge Teepee that easily fits 3 people for very affordable prices.

But enough of the promo here. What have we been up to since the hostel closed last September? In October I went to see my family in Switzerland and got to spend some time with friends and loved ones whom I haven’t seen in many months. After coming back I jumped right into construction and started to build my 2 Aurora Viewing Yurts on top of a hill just north of Fairbanks.

We were training dogs, taking people on rides and showing them the amazing Auroras which have been going crazy all winter long. One of my long time dog trainers got to participate in his first dog sled race, the Copper Basin 300, where the tables were turned and I got to be the handler for him. Definitely a new experience and one I rather leave to others, since I wasn’t allowed to be of any assistance throughout the race. Being a bystander never was my strong suit. I’d rather be in there myself, taking care of business and racing my dogs to their full potential. Luther did a phenomenal job though and finished with all the 12 tail wagging dogs that he started with.

We are just about to head into our busiest time of the year: February and March. We will give many dog tours to guest from all over the world and share our passion and job with them. April 15th is our last day of tours and then it’s time to take some time off so I will be energized for another fun and adventurous hostel season.

I hope to see many faces around my hostel this summer. Enjoy the remaining 2 months of winter (or summer if you live in the southern hemisphere)!!

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Take care wherever you may be...

Sven and crew

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