The Hostel is officially open for the 2015 season

Hi to all of you from Sven’s Basecamp Hostel in Fairbanks. Another exciting winter has come to an and we are already waking up to sunny and warm mornings, with the sun’s rays waking us up at any time of the night. We are already enjoying about 17 hours of daylight and each day we are gaining about 7 minutes.

The mornings are still brisk up here in the “Great North” and people are slowing trickling into the Golden Heart City. We are super excited to announce our tree house opening this summer. Petra has been working hard last year to complete it and we now offer overnight accommodations, 9 feet up in the air.

It always fills me with excitement to open the doors each spring, wipe the benches clean of dust and pollen and plant new flours in the soil. Waking up the hostel after its winter long sleep is as much of a surprise as it is a rewarding task. Did the water pipes break? Check! Did the plow guy break any fencing? Check! Did the tree house hold up with its snow load on the roof? Check! This year we got lucky and thanks to my crew from last year no major breaks over the winter occurred. Other than a few trees and branches blocking the occasional trail, winter has been good to my place.

I am blessed with good friends who are helping me this year to run the hostel and share laughter with friends and guests. This year Kenney, Salome, Petra and Roger will join my efforts and will spend most of their summers here in Fairbanks…..excited for everybody to show up soon...

On May 16th we will celebrate our season opener with a big bonfire party, drinks and plenty of food. So if you are in the neighborhood stop by. We’d love to show you around...

See you at 3505 Davis Road, 99709, Fairbanks, Alaska

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