Welcome to Sven's Basecamp Hostel

Hi everybody from a cold and dry Fairbanks. The hostel as many of you probably already know is shut down for the winter months and while Fairbanks is sitting in a thick layer of cold and foggy air, myself and the crew of dogs and handlers are busy providing sled dog rides in the Arctic and just a little ways up the road from the busy city life of Fairbanks.

As I’m sitting in my cozy little log cabin I can’t help but to already think about the summer ahead. Sure, we still have about 5 fantastic winter months ahead but one always has to be ahead of the curve and I can tell you that the projects for next spring will be exciting to announce once we know for sure that we can execute them.

During cold evenings like we are experiencing right now I enjoy reading my Guest book in which a lot of you have written in. Faces pop up in my head with memories still vivid in my heart and head. Wilderness enthusiast having paddled, hiked, biked, flown, driven, walked and sometimes crawled all over this beautiful state of ours. Everybody came with their own story to my door step with a smile of their own, with an adventure of their own, silent or not, they all enriched the lives of not only me but to all others who came to enjoy Sven’s Basecamp Hostel. I was hosting young and old, rich and poor, strong and the weak, the stranded and the ones with a goal, the wanderers, the spoiled, the wise, the lovers and everybody who felt something special within themselves breathing and living the air of Alaska. There’s something about this state that I can’t describe with words and many of you who have been here know what I’m talking about. Once it grabs you I doesn’t let go of you very easily and even if you leave, just the world Alaska can put your mind in a state of awe.

Thanks again for coming and visiting us last summer. I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love and you guys made my job feel like I was on vacation…..See you next summer…All the best for the new year of 2014..May all your wishes become reality. Stay healthy and sharp, throw the TV out of your window and get out there and play no matter how old you are !!!!


If you see this sign... you've found it !!!